Review of Developments in the Pakistan Economy


  • A. M. G. A. M. G.



During the period, July-September 1961, the Lyallpur market
experienced a further decline of Rs. 0.75 per maund in wheat prices. The
end-September quotations stood at Rs. 13.75—16.00 per maund as against
Rs. 14.50—16.00 three months ago and Rs. 15.50—17.00 a year ago. On the
other hand, rice prices continued to increase at the Dacca market, which
necessitated large releases of Government stocks at a fixed rate of Rs.
22.75 per maund. Nevertheless, the net increase in prices amounted to
Rs. 2.40 per maund over the quarter under review. At the close of
September, mediumquality rice ruled at Rs. 32.40 per maund and compared
with Rs. 30.00 per maund three months ago and Rs. 32.50 a year ago.
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Review of Development in The Pakistan Economy