Lahore’s Urban Dilemma (Policy)


  • Nadeem Ul Haque
  • Hafeez Ur Rehman Hadi
  • Madeeha Qureshi
  • Fahd Zulfiqar


The rules currently are too complex, detailed, often self-contradictory, and subject to multiple interpretations. The permissions and procedures written therein can slow down development as envisioned by PM for the welfare of the country. Building and zoning rules are conflated. Building rules are mainly for safety and curbing environmental externalities. In this regard, setbacks and heights are arbitrarily related to plot size and road width. The land-use rules and zoning regulations continue to favour outdated concepts such as commercial roads based on car access over denser cramped areas, such as Misri Shah and Baghbanpura. The planners also hold Gulberg as a favourite; as opposed to where the people are densely cramped. Zoning needs to be relaxed. Lahore needs to stop sprawling to suit a car lifestyle that subsequently pollutes and leads to a scrapped congested lifestyle. Zoning should merely differentiate between the city centre and suburbs.




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Nadeem Ul Haque, Hafeez Ur Rehman Hadi, Madeeha Qureshi, & Fahd Zulfiqar. (2022). Lahore’s Urban Dilemma (Policy). The Pakistan Development Review, 61(3). Retrieved from




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