Ilhan Niaz. The Culture of Power and Governance of Pakistan 1947–2008. Karachi, Pakistan: Oxford University Press. 2010. 320 pages. Pak Rupees 595.00

Amina Sarwar


“The Culture of Power and Governance of Pakistan 1947–2008” by
Ilhan Niaz makes a strong case for the quotation, “the one who does not
remember history is bound to live through it”. In the book, the author
has tried to trace the current culture of power and governance in
Pakistan through the rich history of the subcontinent. He has asked the
question that why the State of Pakistan is constantly losing its writ as
many incidents, such as the “Laal Masjid” debacle, are challenging the
writ of the state. He has also analysed why State of Pakistan is always
facing issues in domains of administration, legislation, execution and
judiciary. These issues are becoming existential threat to the Pakistani
State. The author has blamed the rulers of Pakistan who behave like
“Bureaucratic Continental Empires”.

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