A Review of Contributions of Friedrich List Commemorating his 225-Year Anniversary.

Arno Mong Daastøl


Friedrich List was a German-American economist who considered
economics a science of politics and culture. As a modernist, he promoted
an urban-industrial society, through gradual and pragmatic policies. He
had considerable impact on a geopolitical scale, and his theories
contributed to significant changes in the international balance of
powers. For a good reason, the textbooks of mainstream Anglo-American
economics weeded out the German-American economist Friedrich List
(1789-1846). Why? Because List gave away the family secret. List
described its details, reasons and logic. The treasure to be kept secret
was, and is, the strategy to accumulate national wealth and power. List
has thus been characterised as:

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v52i2pp.169-174


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