Estimation of Export Supply Function for Citrus Fruit in Pakistan

Usman Haleem, Khalid Mushtaq, Azhar Abbas, A. D. Sheikh


Nature has blessed Pakistan with an ideal climate for growing
a wide range of delicious fruits. Thus a very wide range of tropical,
sub-tropical and temperate fruits are grown in the country. Over the
years, Pakistani experts have developed unique strains of exotic fruit
varieties. Pakistan is producing a large variety of fruits on an area of
734.6 thousand hectares with a total production of 5712.4 thousand tons.
Out of this 354.4 thousand tons fruit is exported from the country
[Pakistan (2004)]. Horticulture is an important sub-sector of
agriculture and plays a vital role not only in rejuvenation of rural
economy but also in improving human nutrition which is often deficient
in ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Citrus and mango are the
main fruit crops which contribute substantially to the national

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