Peter Wilkin. The Political Economy of Global Communication: An Introduction. London: Pluto Press, 2001. vi + 163 pages. Paperback. ,14.99.

Mir Annice Mahmood


The author of this book has enriched international political
economy by introducing a new aspect, namely, the impact of the steadily
advancing global communications industry on economies and societies and,
more specifically, on human security. The latter is a broad-based
concept developed by the UNDP to reflect, through certain key
indicators, human well-being. This consists of a very strong element of
social justice in which human beings can satisfy their needs by
organising the appropriate political, economic, and cultural
institutions within a framework that provides the maximum level of
participation and autonomy. For the latter to be achieved, it is
essential that people have the means to decide what they wish to do in
life and then can translate these wishes into actuality. As the author
quotes Streeten, human security is “a broad approach to improving human
well-being that would cover all aspects of human life, for all people,
in both high-income and developing countries, both now and in the
future” (p. 5).

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