The Pakistan Development Review. Started at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics as Economic Digest in 1958, The Pakistan Development Review (PDR) has been published by the Institute regularly since 1961, with only a short pause during 1971-72. For several decades now, it has been a refereed international journal of Economics and related social sciences. Redesigned and re-planned twice in the last two decade, the contents have tended to emphasise theoretical-cum-empirical contributions; the underlying commitment has been to strengthen the interest in the general areas of Economics and other social science fields. The journal is issued Tri-Annual and, with a fair mix of topics, regularly contains original (theoretical and empirical) contributions to Economics, in general, and on Pakistan’s socio-economic problems, in particular. Nearly every issue carries contributions by scholars from Pakistan and overseas. Currently, the following editors work regularly on the PDR: Dr Asad Zaman (Editor) and Dr. Musleh ud Din (Executive Editor). The Review’s Editorial Board consists of thirty-six outstanding scholars in the field of Economics and various social science fields. They actively participate in refereeing the papers Publications and Research Information submitted to the Review for publication; they also render valuable advice on other related matters.